Newfoundland Dog Paper Collectibles-
Early Trade Cards

trade card

Aldernay Dairies

trade card

C.E. Monroe Druggist

Buchan's Carbolic Disinfecting Soap

Brown & Dodge Boots & Shoes

Chocolat Lombart

W.E. King Candies

Field's Worm Powders

Gillett's Mammoth Pepper Box Bluing

Frank Miller's Harness Oil

Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry

Wachter Brothers Boots & Shoes

Midland Coffee

Household Sewing Machine

International Baking Powder

J.P. Coats

J.P. Coats

Le Phosphate Vitale de Jacquemaire

Veritable Extrait de Viande Liebig

Wellman & Dwire Tobacco

Pond's Extract

Day's Soap

Vegetine Blood Purifier

Seven Barks

Seven Barks

Ruscoe Camp & Co.

Schleicher & Sons Piano

E. Dwinell
Pure Confectionary

Royal Yeast

McLaughlin's Coffee

Solar Tip Shoes

Dannemiller's Cordova Coffee

McLaughlin's Coffee

Frank E. Cummings Apothocary

Western and Southern Life Insurance

Star Soap

Thomas L. Carson
Stationary, Music

Chocolat Poulin

Spring Clothing
Stevenson & Co.


Trix Breath Perfume

Household Sewing Machine

J.P. Coats

Eucalol Cigarettes

Emerson Piano Co.

Shredded Wheat

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

Weaver Organ & Piano

Star Soap

Penninsular Stove Company

S.H. Perry