Voyager Newfoundlands - Puppy Information...

  A 5 week old Voyager Puppy line

Here are some things we would like to know about you before placing one of our pups in your home...

Tell us about your home:

Do you own or rent? (A copy of your lease showing approval for pets required in rental homes)

How long have you been at your present address?
How big is your yard?
Is it fenced?
What type of neighborhood do you live in? Rural Suburban Urban
Do you have access to dog friendly parks or off leash areas?
Where will your Newf live during the day?
Where will your Newf live at night?
Do you live near a pond/lake or pool – will this water be fenced to limit access?

Tell us about your family:

Is every family member excited about adding a Newf to the family?
How many adults live at home? (Ages)                 Children? (Ages)
What is your occupation?                                          Spouse’s occupation?
How long would a puppy be home alone each day?
Does anyone in the family have allergy issues?
Who will be the primary caregiver for the puppy?
What is your family's activity level?
Pick One...     Athletic       Moderate        Low     
Other (Please list)

  A 6 week old Newfoundland Puppy from Voyager Newfoundlands
  An AKC Reg. 7 week old Newfoundland Pup

Tell us about your pets:

Have you owned a Newf or other giant breed dog before?
Where did he/she come from?
What was the best thing about this dog?

What were some problems with this dog?

What other pets do you own?
Dogs: (age, size, breed)

Are all of your pets spayed or neutered?

If you have other dog(s), how would you describe their temperament? 

Dominant   Follower Aloof Natural Leader Friendly
Aggressive  Submissive Shy Mild Tempered   

What type of temperament would best suit your family?

What traits turn you off? 

Drooling Chewing Shedding Digging
Jumping Odor Barking Other

What family activities would you like you dog to join in?

What activities do you intend to do with your Newf as a pup?

As an adult?

Are you prepared for the financial responsibility of owning a giant breed dog?

How much time do you plan to spend brushing/grooming your Newf each week?

Why do you want a Newf?


  A Voyager Newf pup at 8 weeks old with her mother
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