Voyager Newfoundlands - Our Newfs...

  3 Voyager Pups take to the water line Voyger Newfoundlands and friends on a walk in the woods
  Voyager Newf at play with a border terrier Connie getting ready for an underwater retrieve
  Voyager Newfoundlands taking a rest on the beach Tribble- the newest Voyager girl
  Voyager Newfoundlnad at a Christmas Tree Pull Checking for squirrels on the beach
Voyagers First Contact and Voyager's Trials and Tribble-a-tions Voyager Newfs celebrating a rare snowstorm
Water Work Walking in the woods- CastaNewfs Voyager at age 12
Sharing sleep time with a border pup hauling Christmas Trees to raise money for rescue
A Voyager Pup celebrating a first swim Voyager Newfs are great mothers
4 Generations of Voyager Newfs mothering more than their own


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