Voyager Newfoundlands - Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Do you ship?

• Do you crate train or housetrain pups?


We require that every family who chooses a pup from us have an onsite visit. While we prefer that pups not fly (it is very stressful), we can assist with arrangements to fly a pup home with you. We do not ship pups without an in-person visit from the family buying the puppy.


Our pups start sleeping in wire crates with their littermates. We put crates in the puppy room starting at about 4-5 weeks old and pups tend to gravitate to them for nap time. We also feed pups in crates as soon as they are big enough for individual food bowls.

Pups are acclimated to a dog door in our whelping room and with the help of their dam they are usually well on their way to being housebroken before they go to their new homes.


• When do you recommend to spay/neuter?

• Have any health problems been reported in the line?


We place all puppies on AKC Limited Registration, non-breeding contracts. If a family is interested in showing a pup and the pup is evaluated as being of show quality then the change to a full registration can be discussed. All pups on limited registration should be spay/neutered when their growth plates close. This is approximately 18 months old. This reflects our current research into the link between juvenile spay/neuter and osteosarcoma, and a possible link between increased frequency of cruciate ligament tears in dogs spay/neutered prior to puberty.

All dogs have health probelms of some kind. We test our breeding stock with those tests which are currently available and post the results online. We evaluate all of our potential breedings with health as a priority. We strive to produce sound healthy pups. We currently test for:

hip dysplasia
elbow dysplasia
genetic heart conditions
genetic eye conditions
thyroid function



• Are the parents onsite?

• Do you charge different prices for pet and show homes?


We currently only keep girls onsite. We feel that the best stud for our girls is one that we research and compare strengths and weaknesses and evaluate based on our goals for each litter. We can always provide pedigree and health information as well as pictures of the studs we use and we can provide you with contact information for the stud dog owner, but we will not have the stud onsite to meet.

No. Our sale price for pups reflects the time and work put into producing the best litters we can. It is not a reflection of future potential. All of our pups are first and foremost meant to be members of your family. We can make an educated guess as to which pups may have more show potential, but that is never a guarantee of how that pup will mature as an adult.


• What is the temperament of your dogs like?

• Are the pup home raised and well socialized?


We enjoy spending our time with moderate dogs. We like dogs who want to go out and work either in draft or water, but who can also settle down while the family watches TV or has dinner. Our goal is to produce dogs with similar temperaments. While every pup has their own personality and some are brighter than others, our dogs all enjoy working and relaxing equally.

Yes. We do not have kennels, all of our dogs are house dogs. Pups are raised in the room right off our bedroom and receive attention 24/7 for most of their life. We work to expose them to a multitude of experiences - people, animals, walking surfaces, toys, noises, etc.


• Are the parents OFA Certified?

Are they Champions or are champions in the bloodline?


All of our breeding stock has been tested and have their test results listed in the OFA database. Each girl has a link to her OFA and title information here. We can provide stud dog clearances upon request.

All of our girls have their pedigrees online here. While having a significant number of champions in a dogs background will not guarantee a show champion, it does indicate a higher likelyhood of good conformation and that your Newfoundland pup will grow up to look like a Newf and not a flat-coat retriever or black St Bernard.


• What do you recommend for a diet?

• At what age are your pups placed?


My girls are 6th generation raw diet - I feed a species appropriate blend of raw meat, meaty bones, vegetables and supplements. I would like for all my puppy buyers to continue this, but realize this is a big commitment on the part of most families. I recommend high quality, grain-free kibble on the lower end of the protein spectrum for growing pups.

I do not place any pups that have not cleared their cardiology evaluations. For most litters that is between 10 and 12 weeks depending on the scheduling availability of the cardiologist. We do not do cardiac evaluations prior to 10 weeks old.

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