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  Our family in 2004 Kes, Jen, Dylan and the kids line

Dan & Marylou Zimmerman, breeders of Voyager Newfoundlands, have shared their lives with Newfoundlands since 1992. The first Newfoundlands to be part of their family were Springborn's Sasha Bear, Springborn's Peppertree Nikita and Peppertree's Springborn Tipper. These first pets instilled a lifelong devotion to the gentle giants of the dog world.

Following Sasha, Nikki and Tipper were some long and short term fosters including Grace and Cinder, as well as a retirement placement for Peppertree's BW Truffles, Nikki and Tipper's mother.

These experiences convinced the Zimmerman's (now including children Sam & Sarah) that raising healthy, tempermentally sound show and working Newfoundlands was a goal they would like to strive for. After much research, a pup was obtained from mentor breeder Denise Castonquay, breeder of CastaNewf Kennels in British Columbia. This was CastaNewf's Voyager. (Kes)

Kes obtained her working and obedience titles with Marylou's training, and did some conformation showing. An eye injury prevented her finishing her championship, and she turned to motherhood. A breeding with CH CastaNewf's Man About Town (Metro) produced Jeni- Voyager's Next Generation.

  Voyager Newfoundlands 2006 Kes, Jen, Dylan and baby Connie with Sam and Sarah
  Voyager 2007 Kes, Dylan, Connie and Jen

Jeni has obtained her working titles and is currently practicing for obedience and the show ring. She was bred to CH Pouch Cove's Now Docks at Nakiska ROM (Docker) and her daughter Connie (Voyager's First Contact) stayed on at Voyager.

Marylou has been a member of the Newfoundland Club of Seattle since 1997, and has been web designer, newsletter editor and served on the Board of Directors for the club during that time.

Joining the Newfoundland Club of America in 1998, Marylou became part of the Internet/Website committee in 2001. Taking over as webmaster in 2006, she currently oversees 6 websites for the club and manages the NCA electronic newsletter "e-Notes". She also serves on the Regional Club Committee and Technical Resources Committee.

When not working with the dogs, Marylou works as program director for PAWS of Bainbridge Island & North Kitsap. Sam and Sarah enjoy working with the dogs, as well as running track, cross country and gymnastics. Dan is a software engineer.


  Voyager 2008 Kes, Jen, Connie and Dylan
  Being a small kennel, all of our girls are house dogs and very much a part of the family. We feed a raw diet, like our mentor, and are proud that Connie is the 5th generation to be raised on a species appropriate raw diet. We breed infrequently, and always with the advice of our mentor breeder, but are always availble to discuss the breed, provide information for prospective puppy buyers, and answer questions. Please contact us.
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